October 28th

The ➿International Textured Hair day➿ in order to celebrate kinky, frizzy and coily hair did not exist yet, so EvasHair founded it on September 1st 2023. Every year, on October 28th, we will celebrate the ➿International Textured Hair day➿.

What is the purpose of what we call the ➿International Textured Hair Day"?

The idea of this day is to celebrate, honor and value all so called "textured" hair, that is to say, kinky, frizzy and coily hair. The deeper idea behind the creation of this international day is to send an impactful message in order to provide tools and more than that, a mindset, to make sure every afro caribean descent is fully aware of this kind of hair beauty & uniqueness.

Textured hair tresses are magnificient, no one should ever doubt about that. No other type of hair in the world is more versatile than textured hair (and in particular kinky hair), and we should definitely celebrate that all year long. So please, let's stop doubting about the beauty of this kind of hair, let's learn how to love and how to properly care for this hair. We actually have to do it, because nobody else will do it for us.