The day I felt I was grown up enough to take care of my hair, I imagined I only had to do like the girls on TV! Go into the shower, apply shampoo on the top of my hair, rub it vigorously, rinse it out and dry it with a cotton towel. That was how simple I thought it would be.

This is what really happened!
When I first washed out my hair, it was totally different. Not only this method did not work on my hair, but it also made my washing sessions more and more stressful. At the end of each washing session, my hair was so tangled up that I couldn’t even putt a comb through it. So each time, I went to my dear mother begging for her to help me. The problem was that even if my mother whished the best for my hair, she did not know the magic way to get the hair detangled effortlessly & painlessly.

So, she detangled my hair the way my grandmother taught her, I guess. It was so painful and my hair was falling apart. My mother saw how worried I was to see all this hair on the floor and would remind me that it was dead hair, and therefore normal to lose it. However, somehow, I knew it wasn’t true, I knew that if I kept on doing it this way, I would not have much hair to wash by the age of 25.

I then thought that washing my hair less often could be an option. So that’s what I did. And suddenly, at the age of 19 years old, one day of the summer time 2009, I had a massive hair loss! Most people would say that this was probably caused by clogged hair follicles, but to be honest, I still can’t figure out what happened that day…

I ran to the hairdresser and a couple of days later the scalp was finally breathing again. I received a relaxer and my hair was now so short that I couldn’t even put it in a ponytail.
I had been lucky this time and I was determined never to do that kind of experience again. I was now buying every single available product that promised hair growth on the market. I was following dozens of American YouTuber while my hair was slowly growing but getting thinner and thinner. I still failed to understand how to properly grow thick and long hair.

Even if I was desperately keeping on looking for the magic potion, all my hopes of getting a sexy looking hair was gone.

And one day, two things happened:

  • I discovered Lwil Maskriti, a homemade and the purest 100% natural black castor oil ever. I saw the wonders it was doing to the people’s hair living in Piton (a countryside of Haiti).
  • I also discovered a book called “The Science of Black Hair” written by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy.

These two discoveries literally changed my hair life. Lwil Maskriti provided my hair with the strength, the thickness and the hair growth I had been dreaming to have for years. And the book provided a clear understanding of what my hair needed to thrive. At the age of 22, I was finally understanding my hair as a mother would understand her baby’s needs.
Very soon after, I noticed a surprising increase of women, men and even children complimenting my hair everywhere I went. This is when I understood that I had to share these two secrets, because I knew this would be the best way for me to thank god for helping me in this long journey towards the understanding of all the secrets of my hair.

Welcome in my world ????